Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Finding Faith & Inner Peace at the Catholic Church

Hello Lovelies!

I realise religion is quite a sensitive and intimate subject, and everyone seems to have strong opinions and views on the matter. The amount of trouble going on in the world today alone backs up this statement! This blog post is simply sharing my recent experience and nothing more. I am not  trying to promote the Catholic Church and condemn other religions.

I have always been an agnostic when it comes to believing in God. I struggled to believe we go to another place when we die. How could that be possible?   At the same time, I find life and earth the biggest mystery and miracle going, and I don't believe that the Big Bang theory could create such wonders either.My grandmother is Catholic, and attends church regularly in Malta. However, my parents are strong non believers.My upbringing didn't involve religion in the slightest.

Since we had our little one, me and my husband decided we would like to start going to church. Why? Honestly, we don't even know ourselves. I guess we thought it would be nice for family life?! Perhaps curiosity more than anything.My husband does believe in god but has not been baptised.

We first attended a mass on a Sunday morning a few weeks ago. It was awkward. I'm not going to lie. We didn't have a clue what page on what book. We didn't know where to sit. About ten minutes into the service the children disappear into another room. This man comes along and then collects money. Then inbetween some more hyms, the whole congregation queues up down the aisle , kneels and has something splashed on their head.  I couldn't work it all out! Me and Matt are determined people, so we carried on attending and week by week, we are now starting to gain a better understanding.  And starting to enjoy it. I have such a busy life these days, I find that going on a Sunday morning allows me to connect with myself, really take a step back and think about life.The hyms are beautiful and contain lots of wisdom. If something is bothering me in my life, I ask the church to give me the strength to get through it. I do find my inner peace when I attend mass.

Me and my Husband are now going through an instruction process , which means we have to take classes in order to be baptised. This works for us as we want to learn and be involved more.
Jacks Baptism has been booked for early December . I'm so excited for this special day and for new light in our lives moving forward.

Love Ellie x

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Make-Up Revolution - Mini Haul

Morning readers,

Thanks to all the lovely beauty bloggers out there, I discovered budget makeup brand 'Make-Up Revolution'. Blogs are the way forward to ensure awareness of a brand! Superdrug currently stocks the brand, and you can buy online. I popped into the big Superdrug in Marble Arch and picked up some to try.

As you can see, I bought a foundation, concealer, and 3 lipsticks. All of this cost £7. I wouldn't even get a MAC Lipstick for that price.

Lipstick in shade 'Divine' £1

As you can see, this is a medium orangey colour. It is ok, I wouldn't say this is my favorite. I don't think it really suits me that well, and im not sure of the finish. Its suspiciously frosty.

Lipstick in shade 'Rebel without a cause' £1

This is a great dupe for MAC'S 'Rebel'. I was never sure of dark lipsticks, but I tried it on and LOVE it. Just goes to show, don't ever write anything off without trying it first.Perfect shade for autumn! I feel really good wearing this lipstick, and it makes my teeth really white ;-)

Lipstick in shade 'Luscious' £1

This is a really nice light matte pink. This works as a great nude, and I think it really suits me.

Foundation 'The Matte Effect' in shade 'Natural Beige' £2
Concealer in shade 'Light' £2

The concealer is quite watery , and I had to put quite a lot on. The foundation is light coverage, but mixed with another foundation I'm pleased with the result.

Can't wait to try more from this brand!

Love Ellie x

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Montagne Jeunesse Facemasks - The Chocolate Range

Morning Lovelies,

Pamper evenings are pretty sparse in my life these days, but when I can manage to do a bit of pampering, I'm up for it! For some reason, my skin is flaring up at the moment, so a face mask is always a nice pick me up. Montagne Jeunesse face masks are pretty old skool, but I have never tried them so I thought I would give them a go, as they were on offer recently. I got 5 for £2.50! Al;so, I like the way they are classic mud style masks. These alongside the whole cucumber on the eyes, rollers in the hair look!

1. White Chocolate

Oh my the smell of this! White chocolate all over my face! Divine! Afterwards, it made my skin really soft. Not to get too graphic, but in the morning, my whiteheads came out bigger, which shows me that the face mask has penetrated my skin and is trying to bring out all the crap.

2. Chocolate 

This is pretty similar to the white chocolate one, only chocolate! Im a big chocoholic.

3. Chocolate Orange

This is my favorite one! It self heats on the face as soon as you apply it! It made me feel I was in a spa! I have quite oily skin and this removed a lot of the oil.

These retail at £1 each, so if you are on a budget and want to give your skin a little boost, give the range a go!

Love Ellie x

Monday, 20 October 2014

Some Good Reads for Mums

Morning Dolls,

Sadly, I don't get much time to read these days. I have a kindle, but I like to use the library occasionally. Who wouldn't? Free books?! There is also something exciting about delving into those shelves with the prospect of finding some little gems. Now I am on the look out for parenting/baby books, as every little helps doesn't it! Here are some little crackers I recently discovered...

1. The Happy Child by Linda Blair

I wasn't a very confident child or teenager. I have only really become more confident now in my late 20's. I am not blaming my parents by all means, but I want Jack to grow up with 2 happy parents, and want him to know he is loved, and he can do anything. I believe confidence in a person is one of the best traits you can have. This book gives simple ideas on how to raise your child to be happy and confident, from infant, right up to teenage years.

2. M is for Mum by Maeve Bradbury

Described as 'Timeless advice for every mother', this is an essential guide on top tips for mothers. For example, cooking quick meals, how to deal with tantrums, rainy day ideas,bath time, child safety etc. I love the way it is laid out, very easy to read, and feminine. You can use it as a reference, rather than read page to page.I'd say the advice really is timeless and every mum should have a peek into this little gem.

3. French Children Don't Throw Food by Pamela Druckerman

This is my favorite out of all 3! A humorous take on french parenting. An American lady moves to France with her British husband, and brings her child up in France, and is thrown into the alien world of french parenting (which is completely different to us Brits and Americans).Most of the french bottle feed, and it isn't looked down upon. French parents don't force their children to reach milestones. French parents ensure their children and polite and have manners from day one. French children all sleep through the night pretty early on. French women all go back to work, and are fighting for nursery places. They don't like loosing their identity, and being a stay at home mum is not desirable.I don't agree with everything, but  honestly, I couldn't put this book down it is brilliant. We all should take a bit of advice from the french I think!

If you know of any other good parenting books, drop me a comment below. I am always on the look out!

Love Ellie x

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Polagram App

Afternoon my lovely readers,

In this current society we live in, there are numerous apps now for everything. However, I do think some are a load of pony! I'm constantly looking for apps that will enhance my life, but when you sift through them in detail, there aren't that many. When I discovered Polagram,it made me very happy. It's an app where you can upload photos from your camera roll and Instagram on your phone. So easy. Gone are the days where you have to upload phone pictures to your PC, then upload to a website, and then eventually get them printed. Why go through that ordeal when Polagram simplifies it for you. Polagram offers Polaroid style pictures, with the option to put text below it ( so you remember what the photo was about).

This cost me £9 for 28 photos including delivery, which isn't bad, also,the quality is excellent. We all know how fab Instagram makes our photos look anyway,and there is certainly no compromise on quality when printing the, that's for sure .

Polagram also offers gift boxes, which are Polaroid style photos in a little pink box. I think this is a lovely idea for a gift. There is also the option to have large prints,poster style prints, photobooks and cases. They vary in price, and have various random offers from time to time. I like the fav they are delivered in a little cute pink envelope, rather than the usual boring . This app is perfect for me as I constantly am on the go taking pictures of life. I will be making the most of this app come Christmas time!

Love Ellie x

Friday, 17 October 2014

Bare Minerals ' Bare Skin' Foundation

Morning Dolls,

I have been after this foundation for a while! Never tried Bare Minerals but it always gets rave reviews, and I've been in the market for a new foundation for a while now. Surprisingly, it has been quite difficult to get hold of. I was heading to a meeting last week day and passed Selfridges on the way, and can  you believe they don't stock it?! Selfridges of all places? Shocking, anyway, I managed to get hold of it. The shade is number 07 ' Bare Natural'.

The packaging is lovely and classy! They also have a range of shades which is good news!

It retails at £25.

Initial thoughts, it's very sheer , and not thick at all. This means it glides on like silk and is really easy to blend. I had to use a 50p pence size, rather than a pea size, in order to get full coverage. I would say this is light coverage. Sadly, I've got a few big pimples at the moment (unattractive), so I would probably require medium coverage for these moments. However, with my usual Laura Mercier Powder on top of this, I love the finished result! It makes my skin as flawless as it can be, and doesn't make my skin feel clogged up. Big thumbs up!

Love Ellie x

Thursday, 16 October 2014

A low moment

Evening All,

At the moment, I'm suffering severe anxiety daily. I don't know why. Everything in my life is running so smoothly im so lucky, but there is something niggling at me and I can't put my finger on it? Whatever it is, it's making me feel so uneasy. I hate these moments, don't know how to snap out of it? Anyway, I have found a few quotes I want to share with you... I find these comforting...

Love Ellie x