Monday, 22 September 2014

My New Venture - 'Beauty Matters' - Younique

Morning Dolls,

I have been given an exciting opportunity I wanted to share with you all! I am now an Independent Presenter for  Natural Make-up & Beauty Products 'Younique'. My business name is 'Beauty Matters' and my website will be up and running shortly. Younique is mostly famous for its 3D Fibre Lashes, but they all have a range of mineral makeup and skincare. The brand will be available to buy from 1st November, and I will be taking Pre-Orders from 1st October. Now I wouldn't expect you lovely lot to buy without any real tangible evidence that the products are worth the money, so I will shortly be doing tutorials and blog posts on the products. They will be tried and tested on myself and all photos uploaded! If you are in the SE London area, I can give you a makeover with the products , so you get a real feel for the products. I can also host a party for you, and online virtual parties. If you are a beauty salon or any other businesses interested in Younique, we can arrange opportunities to work together to sell to your customers. I will be posting regular updates on the products, and as soon as my website is live, I will keep you lovely lot informed.  In the meantime, here is my business facebook page & Instragram. There will also be regular updates on my twitter:

Facebook -

Instagram: elliemulligan1986

Twitter @elliepembroke

Love Ellie x

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Marriage - Our First Year

Afternoon Lovelies,

I have been meaning to get around to doing this post for a while, but been very busy with a few projects and my little son. On the 7th September this year, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary :-) We got married on Saturday 7th September 2013 in Malta. Malta is a place very close to my heart as I spent every summer there as a child as my Grandma is Maltese, and also as an adult, been going back and forwards at least once a year for a holiday. Malta has fab weather most year round, boasts a huge variety of mediterranean restaurants with stunning views, and generally has a real feel good vibe. It seemed like the perfect place to get married. It is also a HELL of a lot cheaper than the UK. We had a Mediterranean BBQ as our food, with champagne, wine and a free bar all night for 49 euros per head. The venue is also free as long as you have a minimum of 50 guests,and they supply the chairs for the marriage and everything! We were lucky that 60 guests flew over to share our special day. I couldn't drink as I was pregnant, and I also got tired very quickly. I love my son with my life but I don't recommend planning a wedding and being pregnant to be honest. But it was what it was.We got married on the sea front as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful day.

My view on the first year? Pretty much the same as a relationship, but I wont lie, when Jack was born this February, it was a big life change ( the best one),but it has pushed our relationship to the limit at times, simply because of the adjustment  to a new lifestyle. We also know that we can't walk away easily, as you do have to work at a marriage. When people say it is 'just a bit of paper', how naive they are.It is a lot more. We are lucky we had a home set up already, as I know that can cause a lot of problems in a marriage, mortgages and all that.I believe that it takes a life time to get to know someone, and we are both still learning a lot about eachother, and learning how to be parents and a family unit. It takes lots of strength and there are days that are bloody hard, but also days that are fantastic. 

Love Ellie x

Saturday, 20 September 2014

I have handed my notice in! Eek!

Morning All,

So this was the day I was dreading.My maternity leave started at the end of January, and I was adamant that I would be going back to work after 6 months. 6 months came, and the thought of childcare was looming,and also leaving my beautiful boy, and because you can take up to 9 months paid, I thought I would put it off until then. Well I was due back October 20th, so this week I emailed my boss explaining about childcare costs,no reply. Well today is officially a month before returning, so I did the whole handing in my notice. Eek! I'm scared for his response and I don't know why. Its nothing personal to him... I haven't not worked for 15 years, so this was a bit of a scary moment in my life.I have never been financially dependent on anyone. Based on this,I have a few little projects in the pipeline, so I don't feel scared about the future, more excited than anything, and the main things is I get to bring up my boy and spend every day with him. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders by doing this. If things don't work out with my new ventures, then I'm pretty confident in myself that I will find an alternative that works for me and my family. PMA - positive mental attitude- that's my daily mantra I'm adopting!

Love Ellie x

Some Instagram accounts worth following

Morning loves,

I'm pretty new to Instagram and pretty obsessed by it. I love photography, and I love looking at beautiful photographs. A photograph is worth 1000 words! I've come across some pretty spectacular Instagram accounts that I can't get enough off!


She's a photographer and writer from Australia. Her photos are elegant and beautiful. She always knows how to capture the moment with simplicity. The photos are also gorgeous quality, not sure what phone she uses!

Lovely Pepa

Spanish Alexandra Periera is a blogger and documents her travels, fashion and general projects .

My Interiors

Is an account that displays stunning interior and exterior images. Excellent inspiration for the home and many more

 Bramble bites

A Scottish  lady who shows her meal ideas for baby led weaning. She always ensures the meal is balanced and there is portion control, and also looks fun and easy to eat. I'm always looking for inspiration for Jack's meals so this is really helpful. See her instagram for photos 'bramblebites_'

Bath & Body Works

My favourite place for candles, body lotions etc. they always post their pictures to look like a story. And this is the best place to see their new collections.

If you know of any other fab accounts, please let me know!

Love Ellie x

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Body Shop Beautifying Oil

Morning Dolls,

Don't you just love re-discovering old products you have had for ages?Are you looking for an alternative to a body moisturiser? Look no further than Beautifying Oil by The Body Shop. I discovered this a long time ago, and only re discovered since I realised I had zero body moisturiser! I was frantically searching high and low and refused to believe I had run out! but I had.

 I slathered this all over my body after the shower. Its easy to apply, and not too greasy. It absorbs withing 5-10 minutes but you can put your clothes on straight away as it doesnt create big oily patched in your clothes. I also used the remaining on my face and ends of my hair. Its a very versatile product. I have the strawberry scented version, but there are many other scents available. I love the smell of strawberry, and love going the bed smelling like one too! It leaves my skin really soft in the morning which is a bonus.

It cost £9.99 for 100 ml, but a little goes a long way. I still prefer a body moisturiser, but I think every beautynista needs this in their beauty stash!

Love Ellie x

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Glade Scented Candles


I don't know about you, but nothing worse than buying a scented candle , lighting it, and no smell diffuses into to the room. This has happened to me on too many times when buying cheap candles. I then discovered Yankee & Bath & Body Works candles and have never looked back. The only downfall is the price. They aren't cheap, and u know me, on a budget! I was in the supermarket the other day and amongst looking for upholstery cleaner  ( I know), I saw a massive selection of glade plug ins, oil burners etc, and their candles. The Vanilla one was £2.50, and the purple blackberry fig was £2.50. They also had a load of other scents including Honey & Chocolate, Relaxing Zen, Spiced Pomegranate, which were about £6.00 which isn't bad still. I thought I would give the blackberry fig as go. Usually I love sweet vanilla ones, but after recently using Yankee's Vanilla Cupcake, it actually made me nauseous to the point I thought I might be pregnant! Therefore I'm a bit freaked out by Vanilla at present. I am also not pregnant by the way.

I have to say the candle has great burning power, and it filled the room ( yes filled the room!) with a lovely fruity scent. I think this is a perfect kitchen smell, so I have perched it there. I cant believe I have overlooked glad before, simply because to me, Glade is a brand for middle aged women who are anal about cleaning! I cannot wait to try another one of theirs, and so impressed by the price. The packaging is not as pretty as a Yankee or Bath & Body works but you can't have it all!

Here's a link to their website with more information..

Love Ellie x

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Why we should never take our children for granted

Afternoon Readers!

Recently, I have read 2 stories of absolute tragedy. One is . Jaqui and her husband Dan tragically lost their 3 year old son Ryan. He was run over by a car. She is using her blog to document her grief. Oh so sad. I was in tears reading her story. They adored that little boy, why is life so cruel? They are so strong its unbelievable. is another blog I follow. Kerri recently suffered a missed miscarriage, and her tale is just heartbreaking but she writes with such love and her story is so heartfelt. I suffered a missed miscarriage a couple of years ago so I can relate. I became very depressed for a longtime, and i had such heartache it was horrendous.

For all the couples who can't conceive, and are desperate for a baby, my heart goes out to you.

Every night I go to bed I'm always thankful for a healthy baby, but even more so reading these stories. I will never take my little one for granted ever. I am thankful for every moment I spend with him and I will strive to be a better mother every day. Lets just take the time to appreciate our little ones, because we are so lucky they are here with us. Our children are so special and we are so blessed.

This post is dedicated to Jaqui, Dan and Kerri.


Ellie x