Monday, 8 December 2014

Taking a Backseat from Blogging, and Merry Christmas!

Evening my loves!

I feel really sad writing this post..... For the moment though, I need to abandon blogging until the new year... Life has just been too hectic with work, and planning Christmas etc. It is a really busy time for the industry I work in ( construction) and lots has gone on and is still going on. This means I cant give my blog my full attention and focus. I will only come up with pony posts which isn't good for you or me! I have to say blogging is one of the highlights of my life and I get real enjoyment out of it, and I hate to admit it to myself but I just cant do everything. Work full time, be a mum, plan a Christmas, do Christmas shopping, try and be a wife, try and have a social life and blog! Im not hinting for you to get the violins out or anything, just wanted to share my reasons with my loyal readers as you deserve to know why. However, it is not all bad news! I fully intend to return in the new year, and hopefully have lots to share with you all. I cant wait to tell you about what we get up to over Christmas and new year, and how much fun Jack's first Christmas was!

Since having Jack, blogging has become a real savior for me, its been a space for me to discuss ( and vent) all my new parenting experiences, opportunities to review things for my little one, and I am grateful for all that. It has also allowed me to share my passion for cosmetics and everything else beauty related! They say talking something out is food for the soul, and that is true, but perhaps in my case writing is also. It is nearly 10pm and I havent stopped since 630am, and I had a really bad day, and I am tired. I have a really bad week coming up, so just praying for some strength to get through it.

So I just want to take this time to wish you all a happy Christmas, especially all you mummies who will be celebrating your little ones first one! I hope you all cherish those moments and hold your little ones tight because we are lucky to have them. This time of year I get to thinking about people that have it worse off. Disabled children. Parents who are grieving. The elderly who are freezing because they are too scared to put the heating on as this big corporate monsters are making billions in profit and don't care about the vulnerable. Poor families who cant afford to spend much at Christmas and feel pressured by society to have the best clothes, toys, shoes etc for their children. All those peoples who's marriages have broken down. All those families who will be in the soup kitchen. And all those people who have to work in shitty jobs, like cleaning toilets and sweeping roads.

Whatever you do this Christmas, just remember as long as you have your loved ones, that is all that matters.

Love Ellie x

Baby Baptism

Morning All,

So on 6th December we had Jack baptised. Now even though we aren't Catholics yet,we had our reasons as to why we felt we wanted Jack baptised. If you follow my blog,you will know more about why we did this ( you can see in previous posts). We didn't want to make a huge deal of it all so we only invited very close family. For us it wasn't about the party, it was about the faith, and it was a beautiful intimate day full of love,happiness and laughter. It made me realise how blessed we are to have Jack in our lives, and how blessed we are to have such a loving and kind family. I am so happy we have embarked on this journey and looking forward to many more years to come with our new found faith.

The ceremony took 15 minutes, then we all headed to a friends local restaurant for pizza and drinks to celebrate. Everyone text is afterwards to say what a wonderful day it was. Here are a few photos:

Love Ellie x

Monday, 1 December 2014

A few new beauty buys

Evening Loves,

It has been a while since I did one of these posts, but I recently picked up some fab beauty bargains thought I would share. I picked these up in a cosmetics wholesale supplier.

1. Johnsons African Nurture Body Lotion 

99p for a Johnson Body Lotion isn't bad! Its a lemony scent. Perfect for dry winter skin.

2. Ardell Natural Lashes

Having recently discovered Ardell, they are by far better than eyelure. They don't look as false which is great. This retail at £5/6 in Boots, but I paid £2.99. They also have a really big range.

3. Simple Facial Cleanser

These cleaners are the best for my skin, as I do not suffer breakouts when I use. I paid £1.99.

4. 'I love' Blueberry Smoothie Bath & Shower Gel

I love the fruity yet sweet scent of this, and also its a large size so will last. I love having a shower with this. This cost £1.

5. Sleek Faceform Contour & Blush Pallette

Thanks to Kimmy K, contouring has become popular, due to the flattering results this gives to your face. I am not too good at contouring, but to be fair I haven't really tried. I am going to watch some tutorials and give this a go! This cost me £9,99 - I got this from Boots and not the Cosmetic wholesale place.

Have you got any recent beauty bargains?

Love Ellie x

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sunday Series #2

Afternoon my lovelies,

Here is my second Sunday Series post:

'Don't wait for someone to rescue you. If you look closer, there are blessings all around you, they may not be obvious, but open your eyes a little wider and you will be surprised'

Love Ellie x

NYX Soft Matte Lipcream

Afternoon Dolls,

I know it's been a while since I blogged but my life has been mega busy with work and Jack this week. When I had the chance to buy an NYX Soft Matte Lipcream, I was so happy because I know this cosmetics brand is the big in the beauty world, and many make-up artists are a big fan! I chose shade ' Buenos Aires'  which is a peachy pink. My kind of shade . I was looking for a day time gloss .Each on of their Soft Matte Lipcream shades are named after cities around the world.

NYX Soft Matte Lip cream £5.50

The colour is beautiful, but to be honest, I wasn't that impressed. It didn't glide  on that well at all, even when I had buffed my lips , used lip butter and a primer. It looks thick on the wand, but when it goes on, the product doesn't spread well . I hadn't to mix this with a lip liner and MACs Sweet and Sour to get coverage. Perhaps I chose the wrong colour and product, and I wanted to be so impressed as the price is so good, but sadly, I won't be shopping their range anytime soon.

Love Ellie x

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday Series #1

Afternoon  Lovelies,

After attending mass regularly on a Sunday, I have decided to post a Sunday Series. This means every Sunday, I will create a post on what I learnt that day spiritually, and it won't be ramming religion down your throat, will just be some thoughts to leave you with. It will brief but informative ( hopefully). Enjoy!

Attending mass every Sunday is not an automatic right to sainthood. Let's get that clear. None of us are perfect, and we all make mistakes. However, what we can do is give a little more, be more helpful, and think about our actions. There is someone out there who is a lot worse off than you.

Love Ellie x

Why I am NOT a fan of Baby Led Weaning

Morning Dolls,

By no means is this post questioning the advice of health experts, or dismissing other mothers decisions, it is merely about my experiences with Baby Led Weaning.

When you start weaning , there seems to be 2 methods.Spoon fed or Baby Led Weaning .If you don't know what Baby Led Weaning ( BLW) is, it is the process of letting your baby feed him or himself without any intervention from the parent/caregiver. The health visitors seem quite keen to push this method along, which is probably to aid the baby in learning independence. I agree this is very positive.

Now I give Jack toast as a 'finger food' for breakfast, and he picks it up, sucks and munches on it. I would say about 70 percent gets swallowed and we have been doing this since he was 6 months old. He is almost 10 months now. He also eats the odd snack ( same way as toast) which includes breadsticks, wafers, cucumber and peppers. However, a whole baby led meal with no intervention from me? I'm sorry but I really don't believe this works for every baby.  I have tried this with Jack  numerous times over the last few months.About 90 percent goes on the floor. My  child has only just started moving along like a slug ( close to crawling), how can it be expected he feeds himself  enough to gain nutrition? The health visitors say don't worry food is for fun anyway. I don't feel confident or comfortable with this theory. Spoon feeding works for  us. The food is not puréed . It's mashed slightly, therefore very similar to an adult s meal consistency .and guess what? He is a healthy weight! And he eats everything  from veal, black pudding ,kale, pomegranates , to stew. Here are a few reasons why BLW is not for us at is stage:

1.  Most of it goes in he floor. What nutrition has he gained? I would have to give more bottles to compete with his growth. Bottles of milk aren't enough anymore.
2. As he only has 2 teeth, a lot doesn't get chewed therefore spat out more.
3. Psychologically -  It is another  excuse for mothers to boast about how clever their child is. This puts me off even more. I cannot stand mothers who exaggerate about how great their child is when they might have only done something as a one off.

I cook everything homemade for Jack, and he will eat such a wide variety of food, which is enough for me and him. I don't agree with rushing through something to prove how advanced he is. He will do things in his own time when he is ready.

People reading this may think I haven't persisted enough with BLW. I have tried for 3 months. It isn't right for us.

Love Ellie x