Saturday, 18 April 2015

Silent Sunday #2

Why I am in no rush for baby number 2

Morning Lovelies,

After speaking to a few friends of mine who have babies the same as as Jack ( 14 months), this appears to be the time everyone asks the big question. When are you having another?

WHOAHHHHH. Hold on! I am still loosing my hair, I have only just learnt to balance everything, and now you want me to throw another baby into the mix?! I would die for my child I truly would, and I cannot wait for him to have a brother or sister, but at the moment, I am quite honestly enjoying being a family of 3. Here are some reasons why I am happy as we are at the moment....

1. A few holidays and events planned. Pregnancy is great, but it is restricting.

2. I can dedicate a lot of my time to Jack now, and I want to ensure he has me at my best.

3. My business & work is going fabulously. I have just about nailed the balance.

4. I like a drink, and I like to eat mouldy cheese, rare steak, and have a cigarette here and there.

5. No night feeds.

7. We don't have the room.

8. I work full time, have a baby  full time, and a husband. I don't think I am ready for a 4th full time job.

9. I Love children, and I believe I am a loving mum and he is my world, but I don't want my life to be  consumed around children at the moment. I put him first of course, but there is a difference.

10. Pregnancy was horrific for me. I got spotty, I lost my appetite,if I was vomiting everyday, I would be nauseous. Every day. I never glowed. I had horrendous heartburn. I had a horrendous birth, and honestly, I don't think my body has recovered fully yet.

I am in a good place at the moment, loving being just the 3 of us.

Love Ellie x

Friday, 17 April 2015

20 Things I Love About My Son Jack

Morning Lovelies,

Jack is 14 months old and has his own little personality like all our little ones do. Here are 20 things I love about Jack which make him who he is...

1. When I open my hand, he hands me a toy, and when I say 'thankyou' he gives me a massive smile

2. When he eats he stares intently at the spoon for a few seconds, then opens wide if he decides he likes the look of it

3. He loves the hoover and always pulls himself up on it to explore

4. If I see him going towards something he shouldn't be near ( stairs, kitchen), before he gets there, he turns around and grins cheekily as if to say, are sure I am still not allowed?

5. He LOVES wheels. On anything. He just sits there for ages spinning them. They really fascinate him

6. When he is in a ball pit he screeches with excitement. Makes my heart melt

7. He loves peekaboo

8. He gets his toy cars and pushes them along walls and furniture

9. He loves sitting on my lap while we both watch TV

10. He sleeps in the most awkward positions and snores

11. He is unsure of grass, if you sit him on the grass, he doesn't move, and he is really confused about it

12. He loves being pushed in the swings, the delight on his face is priceless

13. When I go to brush his teeth, he opens his mouth ready for me

14.He points when he wants to go near something

15. He loves the fish eye on the front door. He gets his little finger and probes it around

16. Unless he is unwell, he is the happiest little soul ever

17. He belly laughs when he watches the minions from despicable me

18. He loves jumping in the dishwasher and washing machine

19. He is so curious about everything

20. He loves being swung upside down from side to side he laughs so much

I am so honored to be his mum and I am so lucky I get to spend everyday with him. What do you love about your little ones?

Love Ellie x

Thursday, 16 April 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy

Afternoon Dolls,

Here it is, my 50 things that make me happy tag:

1. My Beautiful Son, Jack

2. Being married

3. Cosmetics

4. Owning my own business

5. Travelling

6. No financial worries

7. Lovely neighbours

8. Going to church in a sunday

9. Coronation Street

10. My Dad and Sister

11. 500 thread count sheets

12. I have no health worries

13. Chilling out in bed, watching tv and reading

14. Instagram

15. Pinterest

16. Having green eyes

17. Sunshine

18. Wedges

19. Maxi Dresses

20. Cheese. Classic & Exotic

21. Being successful

22. Blogging

23. Humour

24. Reading

25. Countryside

26. Crumpets

27. Morning coffee

28. Friday nights

29. True Life Dramas

30. Bacon sandwhiches

31. My mother in law

32. Planners and Lists

33. Gin & Tonic

34. Living in London but being near the countryside if I go the other direction

35. Eltham Palace

36. Indian Food

37. Learning & Knowledge

38. Very happy I am not a teenager again and in my early 20s

39. Amazon

40. BBQs

41. Angel Cake

42. Champagne

43. Swimwear from Australia

44. Jean Paul Gautier

45. Gossip Magazines

46. Nars

47. Mac

48. Strong powerful role models, Marion Cottillard and Audrey Hepburn

49. Kind People

50. Dance Music

I tag all the other mummy bloggers!

Love Ellie x

Monday, 13 April 2015

My Go To Pamper Products

Morning Lovelies,

I do carry out a daily pamper ritual which I never fail at (out of habit and OCD). but this is usually cleanse, tone , moisturize and then a body lotion. However, on the days when I am feeling especially ropey and in real need of a pick me up, I tend to spend more attention on myself. Here are my go to products which make me feel and look better:

In the Shower

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Body Scrub £37

I love almonds and this actually smells like a desert. I have had to stop myself eating it at times. Apart from the smell, out of all the body scrubs I have tried, this scrubs the best and leaves the skin really really smooth. If you are fake tanning, this will ensure a smoother application. 

Mac Volcanic Ash Exfoliator £22

It is not advised to us a facial exfoliator daily as it can do more harm than good, meaning too much scrub can be harsh. However,  it is great every few days to really remove the dirt and grime and dead skin cells. Its very black and goes everywhere, so that is why I use in the shower. No mess all over the floor, sinks and your arms and neck.

After Shower Before Body Lotion

Origins Out Of Trouble Mask £23

Originally, I wasn't too keen on this mask. I found it didn't really do much. After a few uses though, it has helped improve my skin slightly. If you are a regular reader, you know I suffer with acne. This has a white clay appearance and its quite tingly and menthol like. It helps reduce the red inflammation the acne causes.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (£28) & Bed Time Boost (£74)

I recently wrote a post on the cleanser you can read here . The bedtime boost does it exactly that. Gives skin a real boost, and leaves it feeling and looking glowing. What I like about this range is the ingredients are all natural and have zero chemicals.

The Body

I usually finish my pamper routine off with a body lotion first, then a bit of a tan. I have been using this one by Dove for years. It gives a nice light golden color and takes the pale edge off. The Laura Mercier is part of the body scrub range and makes me feel really luxurious.

Dove Summer Glow £5

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Body Creme £45

What are your pamper products? I would love to know as I am so nosy.

Love Ellie x

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Too many books, too little time

Morning Sweet People,

Pre-Jack,  I was a complete bookworm. Reading was my passion. Reading excited me. Reading gave me a real sense of fulfillment. A quote from me' I am so sad I will never live long enough to read all the books I want to read' I try so hard these days to fit time in, but I struggle! Every week I set  myself a goal to read more but it never materializes and I kick myself every time. This is partly why I love going to a meeting. I can read on the way there! I have started on 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne and it is fascinating me. I estimate it will take me about 2 months to read it, but I am going to do it, along with these other fantastic books on my hitlist.....

Do you have any book suggestions for me to read?

Love Ellie x