Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday Series #1

Afternoon  Lovelies,

After attending mass regularly on a Sunday, I have decided to post a Sunday Series. This means every Sunday, I will create a post on what I learnt that day spiritually, and it won't be ramming religion down your throat, will just be some thoughts to leave you with. It will brief but informative ( hopefully). Enjoy!

Attending mass every Sunday is not an automatic right to sainthood. Let's get that clear. None of us are perfect, and we all make mistakes. However, what we can do is give a little more, be more helpful, and think about our actions. There is someone out there who is a lot worse off than you.

Love Ellie x

Why I am NOT a fan of Baby Led Weaning

Morning Dolls,

By no means is this post questioning the advice of health experts, or dismissing other mothers decisions, it is merely about my experiences with Baby Led Weaning.

When you start weaning , there seems to be 2 methods.Spoon fed or Baby Led Weaning .If you don't know what Baby Led Weaning ( BLW) is, it is the process of letting your baby feed him or himself without any intervention from the parent/caregiver. The health visitors seem quite keen to push this method along, which is probably to aid the baby in learning independence. I agree this is very positive.

Now I give Jack toast as a 'finger food' for breakfast, and he picks it up, sucks and munches on it. I would say about 70 percent gets swallowed and we have been doing this since he was 6 months old. He is almost 10 months now. He also eats the odd snack ( same way as toast) which includes breadsticks, wafers, cucumber and peppers. However, a whole baby led meal with no intervention from me? I'm sorry but I really don't believe this works for every baby.  I have tried this with Jack  numerous times over the last few months.About 90 percent goes on the floor. My  child has only just started moving along like a slug ( close to crawling), how can it be expected he feeds himself  enough to gain nutrition? The health visitors say don't worry food is for fun anyway. I don't feel confident or comfortable with this theory. Spoon feeding works for  us. The food is not puréed . It's mashed slightly, therefore very similar to an adult s meal consistency .and guess what? He is a healthy weight! And he eats everything  from veal, black pudding ,kale, pomegranates , to stew. Here are a few reasons why BLW is not for us at is stage:

1.  Most of it goes in he floor. What nutrition has he gained? I would have to give more bottles to compete with his growth. Bottles of milk aren't enough anymore.
2. As he only has 2 teeth, a lot doesn't get chewed therefore spat out more.
3. Psychologically -  It is another  excuse for mothers to boast about how clever their child is. This puts me off even more. I cannot stand mothers who exaggerate about how great their child is when they might have only done something as a one off.

I cook everything homemade for Jack, and he will eat such a wide variety of food, which is enough for me and him. I don't agree with rushing through something to prove how advanced he is. He will do things in his own time when he is ready.

People reading this may think I haven't persisted enough with BLW. I have tried for 3 months. It isn't right for us.

Love Ellie x

Sunday Bargain Candles by George at Asda

Afternoon lovelies,

Hope your enjoying your Sunday. If you follow my blog and my twitter account, you will know I have a weakness for candles. I've just counted how many I have in the house and it's 15 eek! Perhaps a can safely call myself a candle worshiper! ( wow this is so shallow!) My husband went to Asda yesterday and picked me up 3 of their £1candles. Now we all know that really cheap scented candles don't live up to their description. This is usually because only the top layer is dipped in the scent . The better quality candles and dipped the whole way down, hence the intense scent it radiates. I was pleasantly surprised when I lit the ' Apple and spice' one. Not a powerful smell as such, more subtle , but I could smell it and gives a homely smell!

 He picked up ' Apple and Spice' , ' Jasmine ' and ' Sugared Blackberry' . As you can see they haven't been lit, but in the Jar they smell wonderful. Just in time for Christmas :-)

Asda is fast becoming one of my favourite stores. Their clothes are fantastic value for money especially the baby clothes. Their nappies are the best ones I have ever used. They blow pampers out of the water.  I may have to take a trip there this week and see what other bargains I can pick up.

Love Ellie x

Saturday, 22 November 2014

The £2 Foundation not to be snubbed at! Boots Natural Collection

Afternoon Lovelies,

I have not been in the market for a new foundation, so this was more of an impulse buy. Since joining the beauty blogging world, I have been more open minded when it comes to make-up. A devout make-up snob, I would always turn my nose up at the lower end brands, but now I realise there are so many great beauty bargains out there. Why always spend loads of money when you don't have to?! I was in Boots rushing about as normal buying nappies and milk, when I just peeped down the makeup aisle and saw Natural Collection , and the foundations caught my eye. I need something more medium coverage at the moment as my skin isn't that great ( not that it ever was but I have had better days),and they had this medium coverage foundation for £2.

The packaging is quite simple, and when it says medium coverage it really is. The shade is ' Honey'  is a medium to fair tone. It looks quite dark on my finger, but when you put it on your face it is lighter. As it is medium coverage,it doesn't glide on too well, but I found it does last all day and gives me the coverage required. I also mixed it with my bare minerals foundation and it was easier to blend and I like the colour. They don't have a huge range of shades, but I don't think you can expect too much for the price.

I really like the result it produces as you can see its semi flawless. If you are on  budget, check this brand out! Another bonus, more advantage card points!

Love Ellie x

Monday, 17 November 2014

OXO TOT Feeding - Review

Morning Dolls,

*PR Collaboration with The Lenny Agency*

Once your baby meets that big 6 month milestone, it is time to prepare for weaning! Many new parents are anxious about this stage, and I was no different. Feeding is a bit part of every new parents life when their baby reaches that 6 months, so its important to have the right equipment to eliminate the stress and enjoy this exciting time! We were lucky enough to receive some items from OXO Tot to experiment with.

Left to right: Training Cup, Plate,Flip Top Snack Cup

1. Training Cup

Jack is not great at using cups to be honest. I have tried various ones. In fact, he isn't a big lover of water/juices full stop. This makes my job incredibly harder. Additional fluid to milk is very important when babies are this age. What is great about this cup is that Jack could easily grip it due to the rubber at each side. As  you can see above, he has got the hang of it. He still hasn't worked out how to pick it up and drink from it, but he is like this with every cup I have given him. Like everything, persistence is key.The cup also comes with 2 attachments. The first one is a top with a spout. The second is for an older baby to use more like a 'grown up' cup. Hence why it is called a training cup.

2. Plate

I give a lot of mashed food to Jack and mostly feed him myself, but he is able feed himself snack bits like toast, wafers and peppers. We don't engage in much baby led weaning, but this plate is perfect for that and will encourage me to try it more. It has different sections so you know how to balance the meal out. I like how at the bottom of the plate shows where you should put your meat, your veg/fruit and your carbs. This results in a healthy balanced meal. As you can see, Jack had fun enjoying this spread and choosing what he wanted.

3.Flip Top Snack Cup

When we are out and about, I always bring a snack with me in-case an episode of the hungries comes on; and we all know when babies are hungry, they get very irritable to say the least! This snack cup is a great size for popping in my changing bag, and the flip top is a lot easier then dealing with tupperware. I usually carry peppers, breadsticks,carrot sticks, or rusks with me.

OXO Tot have a wide range of baby items available to cater to all your requirements. This includes bathing products, cleaning tools, seating and nursery items.  You can shop online at

Love Ellie x

* Even though the products were sent to me for review, all photos and opinions are my own*

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Christmas Beauty Wishlist

Evening Dolls!

I love Christmas too much! Not so much for the gifts,but more for all the festivities! I love how it puts everyone in a good mood, lots of parties and family events, the chance to wrap up cosy and all the lovely glittering decorations! My husband is up for letting me choose my gifts this year, and you know me, love my beauty products! So I am quite happy with this. He is hilarious when I take him to the mac counter,he just stands there like a lost puppy and doesn't understand the difference between a lip liner and eye liner. Anyway, see below some goodies I have my eye on!

MAC Honey Love

Tried this on the other day, it's  a gorgeous nude beige. A Perfect day time lippie. Also like the matte finish .

Beauty Blender

This gets so much hype, but I wasn't really sure how I would use it. I saw a tutorial the other day on how to use it, and I thought I have got to give that a go as the finish was flawless. I am going to contour with it.

The Body Shop Body Butters

These are my favourite butters by far. The scents are incredibly intense which I love! The consistency of the butters make the skin so soft. When I come out the shower I look forward to smothering myself  with one of these. I feel like I am really pampering myself. I have the Almond one on the go at the moment, but I also love the Brazil nut, and I would like to try the raspberry one, and the chocomania one next.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Dip Brow Pomade

There is so much hype surrounding his product. It is supposed to make your eyebrows look amazing. My eyebrows don't grow due to years of plucking, so I have to pencil them in. I'm hoping this product will produce a better result than pencilled in as it promises.

Makeup Revolution Lipsticks

I recently discovered these and their shades are right up my street. They also cost £1. So I pretty much want them all. Beloved , divine, and dazzle are the ones I want in particular!

I shall be posting my homeware, and clothing Wishlist too ...

Love Ellie x

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Jellycat - Fuddlewuddle Elly Review

Afternoon my lovelies,

*PR Collaboration with Bella Kidz*

When we were given the opportunity to review Jellycat Soft Toys, I jumped at the chance.Jack loves Jellycat! When jack was born, we were given a small Jellycat Bunny as a gift,and he sleeps with it every night still now.

Jellycat sent us a medium sized Fuddlewuddle Elly. It is a grey-blue elephant. First of all, I couldn't not believe have beautifully soft he is. It is like touching silk!  This shows the pure quality of Jellycat products.  He also has such a beautiful little face,so a lovely addition to our Jellycat Collection.

When I presented Jack with Fuddlewuddle Elly, he couldn't get enough of him. He was stroking him, kissing him,sucking on his ears and keeping him close by! Nothing is good to take him away from Elly!

Jellycat have such a wide range of products, which means family and friends can buy for your baby to add to your collection. The Fuddlewuddle ranges from £11-57. What's great is the different sizes each comes in. While they aren't too cheap, you do pay for the quality.

I cannot wait to add to our ever growing collection.

Jack and Elly are already becoming best friends :-)

Please note even though Fuddlewuddle was sent to me for review, all opinions and photographs are my own.

Love Ellie x